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From raw materials to cutting edge research, ICL is dedicated to developing advanced bromine based technologies that are set to become the new force in the field of energy storage.

Bromine for Energy Storage

Due to bromine’s high abundance and fast kinetics, bromine based batteries offer superior performance and a cost effective solution, positioning this technology as the preferred energy storage method.

Abundant chemical

Environmentally friendly

Long lifetime

Superior performance

Safe (EPA approved)

Cost effective

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Powering energy storage from the lowest place on earth

ICL’s innovative bromine based technology for energy storage

Energy Storage Deployments

The U.S. energy storage market grew 80% in 2018, with 777 MWh deployed on the year.

1.6 GWh of Energy Storage

Annual deployments in the U.S. market is forecasted to double in 2019, deploying 1.6 GWh.

200+ Installations

200+ Bromine based batteries were installed worldwide.

Our Partners

From prestigious research institutions to developers of energy storage applications, ICL partners with industry players to advance innovation in the energy storage market.

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Partner with ICL to enjoy our state-of-the-art research capabilities and in-depth know-how in the energy storage sector.

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