Electrolyte Blends

Tailor made electrolyte blends according to specific customer requirements

Our blends composed of highest quality materials


Zinc Bromide or Hydrobromic acid, with additional complementary salts (i.e. KOH, KCl, ZnCl2)

Bromine Complexing Agents (BCA)

Dozens of proprietary complexing agents, as well as custom made BCAs based on desired properties

Custom design of electrolyte solution according to desired physio-chemical properties


Managing electrolyte physical interaction

When adding a BCA, the complexed bromine is safely kept in the second phase, also known as the organic phase, separated from the aqueous one. The mixing of both phases, as well as their flow in the system depends on the viscosity of the organic phase, surface tension, adhesion and shearing properties. ICL’s BCAs can be custom designed to fit the flow requirements of specific battery design, allowing for faster kinetics, improved fluidity and high contact interaction with battery electrodes.


Adapting to different weather conditions

To achieve optimal operational performance, battery temperature must be kept at a specific temperature range. As a result, internal active cooling and heating devices are installed, utilizing valuable energy generated by the battery. ICL has developed new BCAs that support battery operations at high or low temperature ranges, saving internal energy, reducing peripherals costs and minimizing maintenance costs.


Maximizing electrolyte utilization

As energy density of the battery defines electrolyte volume and battery size, it is important to utilize a concentrated electrolyte solution in order to reduce battery footprint. ICL’s vast experience developing BCAs ensures safe operation at a high concentration range by controlling the amount of available Bromine released during operation, and minimizing corrosion, self-discharge and Bromine vapor.


Increasing voltaic efficiency

High electrolyte conductivity is an important property when it comes to Voltaic efficiency of the battery and it is determined by a number of parameters, including electrolyte concentration, supporting additives, temperature and state of charge. At ICL we partnered with our customers through the entire development process, from early stages of designing the ideal electrolyte to final mass production of the total electrolyte blend, delivered and ready to use in the battery.

Safety Study

DNV GL Reviews Bromine-Based
Electrolytes for Energy Storage Applications

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